Does the main tone of the environment affect people’s visual perception


Does the main tone of the environment affect people’s visual perception

OK, now is my turn. In the recent explanation, my partner has already introduced our method to you. Then, in the following explanations, there will be some professional terms. Please listen to me and watch the PPT, otherwise you will not understand what I am talking about.

I put the results of the questionnaire here. I learned from the references that both vision and gender are secondary factors that influence the outcome. Therefore, I used the sensitive color and the environmental color as independent variables, and the judgment result was mathematically cross-analyzed as the dependent variable. For example, when we are in a white environment, no matter what color you are sensitive to, most people’s judgments are inside, that is, correct. But when you are in a green environment and are just sensitive to blue, it is very likely to make a wrong judgment.

What is the reason that affects our judgment? There are three reasons for this analysis.The first one is hue illusion.It means when a certain color is compared with other colors, a color shift occurs. The secode one is brightness illusion, it just like the moon and stars, Their brightness is actually the same, but most of us have eyes that look like the moon is brighter than the stars.The last is illusion of purity, it makes one color look more conspicuous than the other, just as we do when we wear clothes.

Our research also has many limitations, such as the number of samples surveyed is not large enough, and there is no random sampling. We can’t control the color of the environment to be consistent. At the same time, each person’s psychological state will also affect the judgment of the visual and the brain.

We find out three resons for how colors influence our visual judgement, so don’t be limited to seeing is believing, we need to have our own thoughts in our daily lives. Let us return to the topic, does the main tone of the environment affect people’s visual perception? Jus say of course.

Our presentation is over, it’s time for question and answer.

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